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Don’t stick with your old halogen bulbs. Even if it looks like it’s working fine, halogen bulbs quickly wear out over time, greatly reducing your visibility on the road. For stronger, clearer light, our Enthuze LED headlight bulbs are a higher-performing, longer-lasting alternative.

When it comes to visibility, Enthuze LED bulbs are crystal clear. What’s also clear are the advantages LED lights have over their counterparts. An LED light reaches further and shines brighter than a halogen bulb. Are you interested in trying our powerful LED headlight bulbs for yourself? We create LED lights that provide you with thousands of hours of crisp, powerful light. These lights are so long-lasting that a LED headlight bulb might be the last bulb you ever have to buy for your car.

Our online store provides you with plenty of lighting options. You’ll find dual-filament H4 LED headlight bulb replacements, single-filament H7 bulbs, and many other sizes. You’re guaranteed to find a lighting upgrade that works with your vehicle. Don’t stay in the dark –upgrade to Enthuze LED bulbs today.


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What is an Anti-Flicker Canbus Decoder?

An Anti-Flicker Canbus Decoder is an electronic device that is used in conjunction with LED headlight bulbs to prevent flickering or flashing of the lights. This device is specifically designed for vehicles that use a Controller Area Network (CAN) bus system, which is a complex network of electronic systems that control various functions in modern vehicles.

The Anti-Flicker Canbus Decoder is designed to regulate the electrical signal between the LED headlight bulbs and the CAN bus system, ensuring that the bulbs receive a stable and consistent power supply. This helps to eliminate flickering or flashing of the headlights, which can be a common issue when using LED bulbs in vehicles with a CAN bus system.

In addition to preventing flickering, an Anti-Flicker Canbus Decoder can also help to eliminate error messages or warning lights that may appear on the dashboard of the vehicle when using LED headlights. This is because the decoder effectively tricks the vehicle's computer system into thinking that the LED bulbs are the same as the original halogen bulbs, allowing them to function properly without triggering any error messages.

Overall, an Anti-Flicker Canbus Decoder is a simple and effective solution for ensuring that LED headlights function properly and without any flickering or flashing. It is a small but important electronic device that can help to improve the performance and reliability of LED headlights in modern vehicles.