Cargo Boxes

Seasons change, but extra storage is something you need year-round. Whatever your leisure is --golfing, fishing, skiing --there’s always a few things you need to take with you to have a good time. But items like skis, fishing poles, or tents have long, irregular shapes and don’t easily fit in your truck or SUV. Even big vehicles need a little extra storage space. For cargo that won’t fit anywhere else, try picking up a rooftop cargo box.

An Enthuze cargo box is the perfect car roof storage solution for an active truck owner. These carriers have sleek, low-profile designs that fit comfortably on top of your truck. Each roof box also uses a secure rack fastening system with “twist knobs” to keep your carrier in place. You can drive comfortably knowing your valuables are safe. Every Enthuze roof cargo box comes in different storage sizes. And with universal fitment, we feel confident you’ll find a storage solution that works with your ride. Select roof boxes even have designs that open from either side, for convenient access while loading and unloading.

All of these convenient features are complemented by the durable, lightweight construction used in each roof box design. If you want the perfect companion for carrying the skis on your next trip, or something practical for sending your kid to college, a roof top cargo carrier is a versatile solution for you.

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FlexitiOr as low as $103.33 /mo over 6 months with Flexiti
FlexitiOr as low as $115.00 /mo over 6 months with Flexiti
FlexitiOr as low as $106.66 /mo over 6 months with Flexiti
FlexitiOr as low as $103.66 /mo over 6 months with Flexiti
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Any excess space can always be used for cargo. There often seems to be a little extra piece of gear you need to bring with you before you hit the road. With roof top boxes, Enthuze makes those vacations get off to a great start.

The lack of storage can be quickly and easily fixed with a roof cargo box. Your car's rooftop cargo container makes it simple to carry additional luggage. Each carrier is made to quickly and conveniently attach to your rooftop rack system while securely holding your stuff. Knowing that the cargo roof box's ABS polymer material shields your belongings from inclement weather, vibrations, and UV rays will make you travel more comfortably. Anyone who frequently travels by car or SUV should have one of these.

If you’re for a roof cargo box, Enthuze is happy to help you with your next big trip!