Work Lamp

When you need lighting fast an LED work light is there to provide you with quick visibility. With ultra-powerful LEDs, these portable flood lights give you plenty of strong, clear light to help you work in the dark. If daylight is not available, then why not pick up a rechargeable LED flood lamp for yourself and make your work easier and safer?

These cordless LED work lights have been designed for portability and ease of use. Their designs use built-in handles for easy carrying, and once charged, they can provide you with up to 12 hours of use. Each LED portable work light also includes both an AC/DC adaptor and car charger. Spare batteries are also available for sale.

Rely on an Enthuze LED work light to provide you with the strongest, clearest light possible. The next time your work takes you to a dimly-lit area, you’ll be able to work more safely and efficiently than ever before.


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Sort By: ----- Results Per Page: 20 5 Products