Bike Racks

You probably love your bike like you love your car or truck. Enthuze supports bike enthusiasts, whether they like taking their bike down a familiar path, or off the trails for a new adventure. That’s why we’ve made Enthuze bike racks, to make bringing your bike with you easier than ever.

Enthuze carries universal fitment bike racks for cars, trucks, or SUVs. Each is made from a carefully crafted material, whether it’s rustproof lightweight aluminum or rugged steel. You don’t have to worry about fitment either, since every bike rack hitch comes with a special design that fits most bikes. That gives you one less thing to worry about when planning your ride.

You’re sure to find a bike rack that suits your style, so plan your next bike trip with Enthuze!

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Sort By: ----- Results Per Page: 20 5 Products

What Type of Bike Rack Do I Need?

Many bicyclists prefer hitch-mounted racks because they are both strong and close to the ground, making loading and unloading bikes easier. A hitch rack is attached to a trailer hitch by sliding it into the receiver. A class 3 trailer hitch may normally be put on a vehicle that didn't come with one, but this is an extra step and cost to consider.

You need to transport your bikes on a car rack, but your vehicle lacks a hitch? Trunk bike racks come to the rescue! A trunk-mounted bike rack is designed to attach to the back of a vehicle using a strap system, making it possible to use a car rack for almost any car – no hitch required. Bike racks for car trunks are typically less expensive than other types of bicycle racks, which is a huge benefit for families looking to hit the trails on a budget.

What Style of Bike Rack Do I Need?

Platform-style bike racks: Bikes are fastened on trays, which reduce the risk of bike-to-bike collision when transporting. They're pricier than hanging racks, but they can accommodate a wide range of bike sizes and shapes.

Hanging bike racks: These racks have a mast with arms that support bikes by the frame. A hanging bike rack is smaller and less expensive than platform racks, but they don't accommodate as many different bike shapes and sizes (including some children's bikes) as platform racks do.