Bug Deflectors

Bugs on your windshield can be a nuisance. Dead insects create chemicals that can damage windshields with hard-to-remove residue and poorer visibility. So how do you keep your windshield free from bugs and other airborne debris? An Enthuze bug deflector is a great solution.

Our Enthuze bug shields for trucks have a special design to help channel airflow, as well as debris, up and over your windshield. This keeps your windshield in top condition, so you get better visibility and can operate your windshield wipers without issue. Each truck wind deflector protects a large area, up to your car hood, so you can have a windshield free of chips or cracks.

In addition to some much-needed protection, our bug deflectors will enhance the look of any vehicle. Find your truck below or use our vehicle selector to see which bug deflector fits your year make and model truck.

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Sort By: ----- Results Per Page: 20 18 Products

Nobody enjoys removing dead bug debris off their windshield. However, in some sections of the country, you are powerless to stop the insects from peppering your front window. A bug deflector from Action Trucks installed on the hood adds additional style to your vehicle while also keeping bugs out of your line of sight.

The solution to issues with insects and stones is to install a bug shield. Bug shields are made with a lip to direct airflow, as well as insects and other debris, up and over your car. For enhanced sight and effective windshield wiper operation, your windshield will remain clearer and in better condition for a longer period of time. The Enthuze bug shield will also cover the leading edge of your hood from dings and chipping that could be brought on by flying rocks and other debris.