Lug Nuts

Lug nuts are small but essential. They’re not just important for keeping your wheels connected, they also evenly distribute pressure to prevent damage to your other nuts and bearings. Unfortunately, lug nuts also break. Even if you’re careful, they can become stripped or cracked, and just one missing lug nut puts your entire wheel and axle system at risk. When you need a brand-new wheel lug nut, Enthuze has replacements to save the day.

You don’t have to settle for a simple replacement either. Enthuze also makes aftermarket lug nuts that serve as the perfect upgrade. We make open-end nuts for longer studs, which makes these extended lug nuts perfect for wheel spacers or racing applications. You can also find spline lug nuts, with thinner designs that are great for anyone trying to lift some extra weight off their truck. And if you want to show off your sense of style, you can check out our black lug nuts as well.

Whether you’re looking for an easy replacement or want to experiment with a new style, there’s a lug nut in our store for you. When you shop with Enthuze, you can help restore balance and control to your truck. So shop now!

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