Air Suspension

Are you looking for a safer, more comfortable driving experience? Almost any truck can enjoy the benefits of a high-quality air suspension. Enthuze air suspension kits provide you with helper springs that work in tandem with your existing suspension system. The additional support of air suspension springs will prevent your truck from sagging, swaying, or bottoming out under intense weight.

Our heavy-duty Enthuze Air Suspension Kit features brass fittings instead of brittle plastic ones. You’ll also appreciate the kit’s flexible, kink-resistant air line. Each air suspension bag also includes aluminum anodized end caps that support strong mounting and air line connections. No detail goes unnoticed. These innovations add up to a reliable, durable kit unlike any other.

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FlexitiOr as low as $96.66 /mo over 6 months with Flexiti
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FlexitiOr as low as $96.66 /mo over 6 months with Flexiti
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Enthuze air suspension is available for some of the most popular trucks. In our online store, you’ll find compatible kits for the Ford F-Series, Ram, and Chevy Silverado/Sierra. With our kits’ durability, quality, and wide range of support, you have every reason to give your truck the air suspension support it needs.

Air suspension systems offer several benefits for trucks, providing improved ride quality, versatility, and load-carrying capabilities. Here are some advantages of using an air suspension for a truck:

1. Adjustable Ride Height: One of the primary benefits of air suspension is its ability to adjust the ride height of the truck. This allows the driver to raise or lower the vehicle based on specific needs or preferences. It can be particularly useful when towing heavy loads, as raising the ride height helps maintain proper vehicle balance and reduces sagging.

2. Improved Ride Quality: Air suspension systems provide a smoother and more comfortable ride compared to traditional suspension setups. The air springs used in these systems offer better shock absorption and damping characteristics, resulting in reduced vibration, improved stability, and enhanced overall ride comfort for both the driver and passengers.

3. Load Leveling: Trucks equipped with air suspension can automatically or manually adjust the suspension to maintain a level ride height, regardless of the load being carried. This feature is especially valuable when hauling heavy cargo or towing trailers, as it helps prevent the rear end from sagging and maintains consistent handling and braking performance.

4. Variable Stiffness and Damping: Air suspension allows for adjustable stiffness and damping characteristics, giving drivers the ability to fine-tune the suspension to suit different driving conditions or personal preferences. This flexibility allows for a more dynamic and adaptable ride, whether you're on smooth highways or rough off-road terrains.

5. Enhanced Off-Road Capability: Air suspension can significantly improve a truck's off-road capabilities. By raising the ride height, it provides increased ground clearance, allowing the truck to navigate over uneven terrain, rocks, or obstacles more effectively. The adjustable nature of air suspension allows drivers to adapt the suspension settings to different off-road situations, enhancing traction and articulation.

6. Easy Load Management: Air suspension systems make it easier to manage heavy loads and cargo. By adjusting the ride height, you can align the truck bed with loading docks or lower the rear for easier loading and unloading. Additionally, air suspension can help distribute the weight evenly across all wheels, improving stability and reducing the risk of bottoming out or excessive tire wear.

7. Towing Stability: When towing trailers, air suspension can greatly improve stability and handling. By maintaining a level ride height and adjusting the suspension to compensate for the weight being towed, it reduces sway, enhances control, and improves braking performance. This translates into a safer and more comfortable towing experience.