Class 3 Trailer Hitches

If you’re a trailer owner, you probably like bringing it along for everything, from off-road adventures, to work, or for spending time with your family. So while you’re doing all these things, make sure you have a reliable trailer hitch along for the ride. Introducing our Enthuze class 3 trailer hitch. Our class 3 hitch has been designed for tons of different trailers, so no matter what you’re bringing – fishing boat trailers, popup campers, ATV trailers, or anything else—you’ve got a reliable hitch that can tackle any job.

Every Enthuze class 3 receiver hitch is custom-made for a make and model, so you’re guaranteed a hitch that’s compatible with your vehicle’s existing features. Each hitch is designed with hands-on engineering for a perfect fit. And they’re dipped in rust-resistant Bonderite® coating for long-lasting durability. Cleaning any of our class III hitches is easy because of their open-back receiver.

And they’re strong too! Our class 3 hitches have a carrying capacity of up to 3,500 lbs. gross trailer weight, and 525 lbs. tongue weight. Each custom hitch is thoroughly tested in-house to make sure we’re giving the highest quality available product to you. So the next time you’re thinking about bringing your trailer with you, bring along an Enthuze Class 3 Trailer Hitch as well.

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A class 3 hitch is capable of pulling a wide variety of trailers since it is dependable, adaptable, and engineered to fit perfectly. Trucks, Jeeps, SUVs, and many other types of vehicles can all use class 3 hitches. The most prevalent kinds of receiver hitches on the road are class 3 hitches. This is as a result of their 2" standard receiver size and varied towing capacity. With a class 3 hitch, you can tow a variety of trailers and indulge in your favorite activities, including camping, fishing, hunting, and motorsports.

Enthuze class 3 hitches are created to be customized for each vehicle. Each is constructed to withstand the weather and put to the test to ensure your safety and the safety of your traveling companions. Each of our class 3 hitches, like other Enthuze custom hitches, is designed for a particular vehicle. This greatly simplifies the process of choosing and installing the proper hitch. Use our Shop By Vehicle tool to look up your year, make, and model to find a class 3 trailer hitch.

You can pick a hitch from the list after finding your vehicle. Some vehicles may offer choices like concealed versus visible main bodies and round tube versus square tube frames. Class 3 hitches are used to tow a wide range of trailers, including cargo carriers and bike racks as well as boat trailers, campers, utility trailers, and other sorts of trailers.

Each hitch and vehicle, however, has a certain weight rating. Never exceed the lowest-rated towing component's maximum capacity, whether it's a vehicle, hitch, or another piece of towing gear. Every vehicle application receives a unique fit from Enthuze class 3 hitches. As a result, hitch installation is substantially simpler. We evaluate the structure of the vehicle carefully throughout the design phase, minimizing or completely negating the necessity for drilling and modifications.