Side Steps

Do you know what a side step is? What if we called it a running board? Or nerf bars? Whatever you call them, they all do the same thing: they act as a step to help you safely enter or exit tall trucks, SUVs, or any lifted 4-wheeler. These steps aren’t just functional though, they can add style and appeal to any vehicle. With our huge selection of Enthuze side steps (or Enthuze running boards, if you prefer) you won’t have any problem getting in and out of your vehicle. Your only problem will be deciding which great-looking side step to buy!

Our Enthuze side steps for trucks, SUVs, and lifted vehicles aren’t just stylish, they’re well made, having been constructed from durable materials that won’t rust away or rot after only a few years of use. Our Blackout Series side steps are made from powder-coated stainless steel that’s designed to fight back against corrosion, so you can get a premium look and performance to last you years and years.

Are you worried about how your new side step bars might fit on your vehicle? Don’t be! The boards and steps found in the Enthuze digital storefront use application-specific mounting brackets, many don’t even need drilling for installation. Speaking of fitments, these running boards and side steps come in different lengths for your cab or cab and bed. They’re made so you can get the best foot support possible, and include a rubber pad for secure, non-slip footing.

There’s plenty of great designs to choose from, including side step bars with smooth edges to give your vehicle a smart, sleek look and our 4X Series made of polished stainless steel. No matter what style, or material, you choose for your side steps, from stainless steel to cast aluminum, Enthuze offers plenty of options to make you a satisfied customer.

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