Fender Flares

Oversized custom wheels and huge off-road tires look amazing on your truck but with that added width, the tires stick out from the wheel well and past the fenders. This offers little protection for your truck’s body from flying stones, mud and debris. Within a few miles, you’ll start to see the results of not protecting your truck’s body with Enthuze fender flares.

Paint chipping, scratches and small dents are common when fender flares are not used in tandem with wheels and rims that aren’t factory standard. Even worse, those paint chips will eventually turn into rust which will not only make your truck look ugly, it will also decrease the resale value when it comes time to sell it.

Is there a lot of road repair going on in your area? With that comes a whole new problem. Tar. If tar gets on your truck it will take harsh chemicals to dissolve the tar when removing it and using that type of remover on your truck’s body will also damage the finish.

In addition to the damage, you are also driving a potentially illegal set up. Most states and provinces prohibit your tires from jutting out past your fenders which could result in a hefty fine from local law enforcement. Be safe and protect your truck with Enthuze fender flares. Install a set of high-quality Enthuze aftermarket fender flares from our large selection and deflect the debris before any damage can occur.

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