Types of Enthuze Tonneau Covers and Their Benefits

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Types of Tonneau Covers and Their Benefits

One of the most popular truck accessories, a tonneau cover covers the back of a pickup truck and is often used to protect the cargo within the bed of the truck—and it also protects the truck bed itself from the elements, including sun, rain, sleet, and snow. Plus, a tonneau cover keeps your cargo out of sight, which can help to protect your belongings from thieves; when you choose a cover with a locking mechanism, this takes your security to the next level.

Enthuze Tonneau Covers

Additional benefits include how this cover smooths out the bed’s surface, which reduces aerodynamic drag—and that can improve fuel economy. Gas mileage can in fact be boosted by 5 to 10 percent when compared to trucks with an open bed. When you calculate what you spend in gasoline each year, this can add up to substantial savings.

When your truck bed is covered, this prevents wind from moving items around in the bed and possibly getting damaged—or denting the truck bed. Plus, it can add a stylish appearance to your vehicle.

This truck accessory clearly provides value and, if you’re looking for a tonneau cover for your vehicle, two broad categories of them are soft tonneau covers and hard tonneau covers. Each comes with its own features and benefits.

Soft Tonneau Covers Versus Hard Covers

Soft tonneau covers are crafted from canvas, vinyl, polyester, or a similar material, and provide a smooth look for your truck bed. Hard tonneau covers, meanwhile, are often crafted from fiberglass, polypropylene, or aluminum. They generally provide a more rugged, textured appearance, although they are sometimes covered with vinyl. In general, hard tonneau covers are fairly flush with the side rails on the truck bed, while soft ones may rest an inch or two above that point.

If you’re looking for a more economic option, then soft tonneau covers are usually the better choice (although higher end soft tonneau covers can cost about the same as a basic hard tonneau cover). If, though, security is an important issue for you, hard tonneau covers are a better choice. If you also have a lockable tailgate, this provides significantly more security than a soft tonneau cover. Some hard tonneau covers also come with a built-in lock.

Enthuze Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Covers

Here are soft roll-up tonneau covers to consider for your pickup truck.

For example, model #ACTENT04801517 is designed for a 2015-2020 Ford F 150 pickup truck with an eight-foot bed. Its low-profile flush design allows you to have complete access to the truck bed for full utilization. Convenient trigger latches are easy to use with the durable vinyl material designed for true weather resistance.

Enthuze Tonneau Covers

Model #ACTENT07801417, as just one more example of a soft roll-up cover, provides similar features and benefits, but for 2014-2018 GM models 1500 (19 classic) and 2015-2019 2500/3600 with eight-foot beds.

Enthuze Soft Tri-Folding Tonneau Cover

If you like the idea of the soft material, but want a folding cover, then our soft tri-folding covers can be ideal.

Model #ACTENT204 is designed for a 2002-2008 Ram 6.5 foot truck bed. This seamless, three-panel vinyl choice comes fully assembled with safety clamps providing security. You can install or remove this cover in just seconds, and you need no tools.

Enthuze Tonneau Covers

Model #ACTENT106 offers something similar for 1999-2006 GM Silverado/Sierra eight-foot bed.

Enthuze Hard Tri-Folding Tonneau Cover

As a fourth choice, there is the hard tri-folding tonneau cover.

Model #ACTENT200616 provides what you need for a 2016-2020 Toyota Tacoma six foot bed. This choice comes in sleek aluminum and improves fuel economy. You can operate your truck when the cover is opened or closed. The cover comes fully assembled and can be removed within minutes.

Enthuze Tonneau Covers

Is your Toyota Tacoma a 2005-2015? Then Model #ACTENT200605 is designed for your vehicle.

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