Cool Things for TrucksWednesday, November 18, 2020

The world of aftermarket parts for trucks is full of choices to make your truck look cool or perform better. Performance mods can add power and sometimes increase gas mileage. But there's no question that more visual mods like aftermarket truck rims and side steps make your truck look better on top of adding plenty of function.

Take a look at this guide to making your truck look cool with some simple mods while also adding more function with Enthuze-manufactured truck parts.

Enthuze LED Headlights and Light Bars

Cool Things for Trucks

LED headlight bulbs provide more light, less heat, and tend to last longer than regular filament bulbs. Enthuze makes LED bulbs for your headlights and fog lights as well as cube lights. Not only do these lights look cool on your truck, but they also provide maximum light when you're driving in places without street or city lights. Think about that dark trail on the way to your campground. If you really want to turn night into day, then Enthuze LED light bars are the way to go. These curved or straight light bars are guaranteed to light up the night wherever you are.

Enthuze Tonneau Covers

Cool Things for Trucks

Hard tonneau covers give your truck a more streamlined look, but they also protect your bed and anything in it from bad weather or potential thieves. An Enthuze tonneau cover adds a level of convenience and security too as you won't have to remove everything from your truck bed when you leave it. There are a few different types of tonneau covers to choose from, including hard and soft tri-fold tonneau covers as well as soft roll-up tonneau covers.

The Enthuze soft roll-up cover is made from durable vinyl to hold up to bad weather, but it easily rolls back to provide access to your truck bed. Also made of vinyl is the soft tri-fold cover. Instead of rolling back, it folds into three parts. Both vinyl covers have an attractive low-profile design that's flush against the truck bed.

If you want an even more durable cover, then try the Enthuze-manufactured tri-fold tonneau covers. These covers are made of sturdy aluminum and offer full bed access whenever you need it. Another great thing about hard tonneau covers is that they improve your truck's aerodynamics, which in turn can improve fuel economy.

Enthuze Wheels

Cool Things for Trucks

One of the coolest things you can do to your truck that adds instant visual appeal is getting new rims to replace your stock rims. Enthuze rims include a big selection of full black, matte black, and gloss black rims. There's no doubt that black rims paired with some bigger tires increase the aggressive look of your truck. Enthuze also makes black rims with red spokes for an even more striking look. Several different spoke and groove patterns are available as well to fully customize your truck.

Use the wheel configuration tool on our site to find out exactly which wheels fit your truck.

Enthuze Side Steps

Cool Things for Trucks

Factory running boards do have a couple of purposes. They provide a place to step for someone who might have a hard time getting into a tall truck, and they allow you to fully reach the roof when you need to clean your truck. They also provide some rock protection off the pavement. Unfortunately, they don't always look very cool.

Upgrade your stock running boards by replacing them with Enthuze side step bars. You have the option of blackout or stainless steel styles, but both types provide a streamlined look for your truck and a place to step. They can still protect your truck from rocks when you're off-road.

Enthuze Mud Guards For Trucks

Cool Things for Trucks

Mud flaps for trucks serve a practical purpose in that they keep rocks, debris, and mud from being kicked up by your tires into other vehicles or pedestrians. They also keep mud and debris from building up on your truck or damaging your paint job. Enthuze makes mud guards from durable thermoplastic, and they come in pairs for both the front and rear of your truck. These mud guards are easy to install and come with stainless mounting hardware.

Enthuze Fender Flares

Cool Things for Trucks

Like mud flaps and side step bars, fender flares serve a practical purpose besides just looking cool. Depending on the size you get, you can add a few inches or more of tire coverage. This helps keep dirt and debris off your body panels. Enthuze manufactures black fender flares with a classic rivet design. The fender flares come in four-piece sets to upgrade both your rear and front fenders. The flares use stainless steel bolts that won't rust, and the protective trim uses 3M automotive adhesive to stick to your rig.

Why get aftermarket fender flares? One of the main reasons is when you decide to install bigger tires that aren't fully covered by the stock flares. Another reason is that stock flares don't look as cool and usually aren't quite as durable either.

Choose Enthuze for all your aftermarket truck modifications, including the products mentioned here, plus floor linerstool boxesleveling kitsJeep-specific mods, and much more. Enthuze aftermarket truck parts are tried and tested for quality before adding the Enthuze name.

Cool Things for Trucks