A Guide to Off-Road Fog Lights

Friday, April 21, 2023

Not all vehicles are equipped with fog lights, but it's one of the most common aftermarket mods for vehicles that don't come with them as stock equipment. LED fog lights for trucks are also quite popular as a mod for off-road use. If you already have fog lights, you can get LED fog light bulbs to replace your current bulbs and make them more useful for off-road situations.

What Are Fog Lights?

Fog lights aren't just for fog. In fact, they can improve visibility in a variety of situations, including snow, dust, or general haze. Regular driving lights tend to be useless in low-visibility situations caused by particles as these particles scatter light, which makes it bounce back to you before illuminating the road.

This can cause a wall of light that makes seeing more difficult rather than less difficult. Fog lights are usually positioned on the front bumper and create a wide spread of light that helps you see the edge of the road. Combined with your regular lights, fog lights provide more visibility in snowy, dusty, or foggy conditions.


A Guide to Off-Road Fog Lights

When To Use Fog Lights

In regular driving conditions, headlight low beams provide plenty of illumination as they throw light far in front of the vehicle. This allows you to see further at night and also will enable others to see you. However, in any of the aforementioned conditions, including rain, the light bounces off of the particles and reflects back.

Fog lights have sharp angles and are pointed toward the ground, which illuminates the area in front of the vehicle. In most cases, fog lights can and should be used in weather conditions that involve small particles, including snow, rain, smoke or haze, and dust.

Some fog lights are only designed for off-road use and are too bright to legally be used on the road at all. It's always best to check with your local laws when in doubt.

How To Turn On Fog Lights

Generally, there will be a dedicated and separate switch for fog lights, whether they are stock or aftermarket. For Enthuze Dual Color LED fog lights, the light color temperature changes by turning the switch on and off.

When you first turn it on, it will start with white light. When you turn the switch off and then on again, the color will change to yellow light. Repeat this procedure to get it back to white light.

A Guide to Off-Road Fog Lights

How Do Fog Lights Work?

Fog lights work in conjunction with your standard lights. They provide an additional area of illumination directly in front of your vehicle to strengthen visibility in low-visibility situations like heavy rain, snow, fog, dust, and smoke.

Fog lights are also naturally functional off-road as they can help you see obstacles directly in front of you in low-light situations. However, fog lights are specifically designed and angled to penetrate reflective particle conditions. In clear weather conditions, you probably won't even notice that your fog lights are on with your headlights.

Why Are Fog Lights Yellow?

You've probably noticed that a lot of fog lights are yellow. Is yellow the best color for fog lights? In fact, it generally is. There's actually a reason why most fog lights are yellow. Lights with shorter wavelengths and higher frequencies are the most reflective. This includes colors like purple and blue.

A Guide to Off-Road Fog Lights

Lights with longer wavelengths and lower frequencies are the least reflective. This includes colors like yellow and red. The purpose of fog lights is to reduce reflection, which is why yellow fog lights are the most common. Warm white or amber are also good colors to reduce reflection.

Vehicles That Require LED Decoders

A Guide to Off-Road Fog Lights

Some vehicles require LED decoders for using LED fog light bulbs. These might also be called anti-flicker decoders. You can get Enthuze anti-flicker decoders for your vehicle as well. The list of vehicles that may require decoders is actually quite long.

For example, all Ford Expeditions from 2007 on require decoders. The same goes for Jeep Wranglers. The Toyota 4Runner requires them from 2009 on. Those are only a few vehicles, but there are many more.

You'll want to check your vehicle with the type of light you intend to purchase and then check whether your vehicle requires a decoder. Consult your owner's manual for bulb type and placement.

Enthuze Fog Lights

Enthuze sells fog light bulbs with two sets of LED chips that change the color temperature. Our fog lights will fit a wide variety of vehicles, but you should always enter your vehicle year, make, and model to find lights that will fit. For example, a 2010 Jeep Commander can use our LED Fog Light 9006 and 9005. We offer the following bulb types:

A Guide to Off-Road Fog Lights

Some of these codes may be referred to differently in your owner's manual. For example, 9005 may be called HB3, and 9006 may be called HB4.

Again, the best way to make sure that a bulb fits your particular vehicle is to use the vehicle checker provided on our site. The decoders offered by Enthuze also say which bulbs they work with.

Whether you need fog lights for trucks or any other aftermarket truck or SUV accessory, Enthuze sells a full line of popular mods for trucks and SUVs. All Enthuze truck accessories are tested for the highest quality and durability before using the Enthuze name.

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