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ENT191210.5 cu ft Saddle Box H- 17 8/39" W- 19 25/44"  L - 70 3/8"
ENT1912B10.5 cu ft Saddle Box (Matte Black Powder Coat Finish)H- 17 8/39" W- 19 25/44"  L - 70 3/8"

10.5 cu ft SADDLE BOX


  • Delivers Reliable Security with two Hook Loop Strikers and rotary Latches
  • Provides Everyday Durability with four-piece Welded Construction putting strength where it is needed most
  • Weather Resistance from full weather seal with Bulb weather stripping
  • Push Button Locks - provide easy access
  • Pry resistance with C-channel reinforced welded lid construction
  • Dual Gas Strut supported lid with Protective Sleeves
  • Built-in compartments on either side of the box are great when you need quick access to a tool or flashlight
  • The one-touch push button locks pop open the box easily even when your hands are full of tools
  • Welded aluminum channels keep the cover closing evenly so both latches engage
  • Fits Full-Size Pick-up Trucks​
  • Two year warranty